If you are looking to change your cleaning services provider then the implications of TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings and Protection of Employees) may need to be considered. 

These regulations are designed to protect an employee’s terms and conditions when a service contract is transferred to another company.

TUPE can have an impact on the overall cost of cleaning as employees are entitled to the same hourly rate, holiday pay, pensions and sick pay schemes and any other benefits there outgoing employer included in their terms and conditions.

In many cases an employee of the outgoing provider will automatically become an employee of the incoming provider.

So you need to bare in mind that if you change cleaning provider you may keep the same cleaner, unless the cleaner chooses not to work for the incoming provider. A potential drawback of a transfer, especially if the reason you cancelled your cleaning service was because of the cleaner.

Potentially as a consequence of remote working, poor management and lack of supervision employees can be left without the correct support or guidance needed to carry out their job to the best of their ability.

Our strong leadership and management team will motivate incoming employees, re-train if required and monitor performance going forward giving them the opportunity to improve and deliver more value to our clients.

If you have any TUPE questions please contact us or visit www.acas.org.uk/tupe for more information. 



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